East Lincoln Republican Women


ELRW members Susanne Sellers, Teresa Dearnley and Lynn Anderson at the annual ELRW Christmas Party.

The East Lincoln Republican Women (ELRW) meet the fourth Tuesday of each month at the East Lincoln Fire Department at 406 South Pilot Knob Road in Stanley, NC.

The meetings are held in the classroom at the fire department and begin at 6:45 p.m.

The December meeting is traditionally reserved for the group’s annual Christmas party and the group does not meet in June or July for the summer travel time.

Meetings often times feature guest speakers and anyone can attend. Men can also become associate members of the club.

The ELRW are one of the most active Republican Women’s clubs in the area and assist the Lincoln GOP heavily in fund raising each year.

The club also awards scholarships on an annual basis to local high school seniors.

You can follow the club on their Facebook page by following this link.




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