Each year since 1980, the Lincoln County Republican Party honors a local GOP activist who has given above and beyond the call of duty of their time and energy to assist in growing our party.  Typically the award is given at the following year’s Lincoln/Reagan Dinner.

We would love to add your name to this honored list. If you would like to volunteer for the Republican Party, please let us know.

1980 Harven Crouse
1983 Larry Craig
1984 Don Pendleton
1985 Paul Bynum
1986 Helen Jonas
1987 Joe Kiser
1988 Olen Painter
1989 Lloyd Cooke
1990 Frances Digh
1991 Jim Lail
1992 Hillad Keever/Jonnie Heavner
1993 Harry Huss
1994 Barbara Pickens
1995 Katie Cooper
1996 Louis McConnell
1997 Sam Houser
1998 Charlene Leatherman
1999 Mary Harris
2000 Doris Lail
2001 Gerald & Carolyn Johnson
2002 Karen Leonhardt
2003 Beth Saine
2004 Jerry Long
2005 Lynn Anderson
2006 Charles Newman
2007 Karl Dearnley
2008 Susanne Sellers
2009 Fred Jarrett
2010 Todd Burgin
2011 Martin Oakes
2012 Carrol Mitchem
2013 David M. Carpenter
2014 John Gilleland



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