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Rep. William Brisson announced today that he will be switching his voter registration to Republican from Democrat. In an interview with WECT, Rep. Brisson said:

“All of my district is rural, and a lot of my constituents are. I’ve been getting a lot of pressure from my constituents in the past few years to change. I don’t have a lot in common with the Democratic Party right now because they have become so liberal.”

Upon hearing news of the switch, North Carolina Republican House Caucus Majority Leader, Rep. John Bell released the following statement.

“We welcome Rep. William Brisson to the North Carolina House Republican Caucus with his wealth of legislative experience and track record of hard work for North Carolina Rep. Brisson has always been a champion for his constituents, and this decision to switch parties further illustrates his dedication. This switch is a rebuke Governor Roy Cooper and the NC Democratic Party, which are following the lead of the most extreme elements of the liberal, progressive movement, ultimately abandoning rural, conservative Democrats like Rep. Brisson.”

On behalf of the North Carolina Republican House Caucus, we welcome Rep. Brisson and look forward to continuing to help the people of House District 22.

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