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For too long, Democrats decided their education policy based on the whims of teachers’ unions and unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats, known as superintendents.  These policies left our children woefully undereducated and struggling to succeed in life.  We believe education should be measured by the success of our children.

Recently, superintendents have decided to spend your tax dollars on their priorities, instead of the intended purposes set out by the General Assembly.

Republicans have put more money directly into the classrooms to ensure that our children are getting the personalized attention they deserve.  HB 13 corrected the lack of prioritization by our state’s superintendents to reduce class size.  This fix allows for the flexibility for superintendents to stop playing political shell games by threatening to fire PE Teachers, Art Teachers, and others for political purposes and adds new transparency to protect taxpayer dollars.

House Republicans shook up the education system to put the education of our children as the most important priority. Simply put, we have put more money directly into the classrooms to ensure they are benefiting our children.


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