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Protecting the freedom of speech is a bedrock principle of the United States of America and North Carolina. NC House Republicans are and will still be steadfast in protecting our core constitutional rights.

HB 527 will “restore and preserve free speech on campuses of the constituent institutions of North Carolina.”

Do not be fooled by the rhetoric from those on the left. Some liberals and their allies are quick to mischaracterize speech they do not agree in hopes of stifling opposing views.

Under HB 527, the UNC Board of Governor’s systemwide policy must include at least the following:

  • A statement that it is not the proper role of a university to shield individuals from speech protected by the U.S. Constitution
  • A prohibition on universities requiring students or faculty from expressing a certain view of social policy
  • A guarantee that students and faculty have the right to discuss any problem and engage in legal, peaceful demonstrative activity that is not substantially disruptive
  • A statement that parks, sidewalks, plazas and similar places on campuses are public forums
  • The right of any invited speakers to be on campus subject only to time, place and manner restrictions
  • Implements a disciplinary process for individuals interfering with the protected free expression rights of others.

Express your gratitude to your NC House Republican member for standing up for your constitutional rights.

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