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Ensuring that every citizens’ constitutional right to vote is protected at the ballot box has been and will continue to be a top priority of North Carolina House Republicans.

Democrats, including current Governor Roy Cooper, continue to fight these common-sense measures – like voter ID, which is supported by more than two-thirds of all North Carolinians that would ensure integrity in our electoral process.

A single fraudulent vote, intentional or not, weakens the votes cast legally and damages the integrity of our elections.

A recent report from the North Carolina State Board of Elections highlights shows the agency found 508 instances of voter “irregularities” in the 2016 General Election.

Statistics of the findings illustrates why Governor Cooper and his liberal allies, specifically Democracy NC and the Moral Monday movement, have filed lawsuit after lawsuit to stop our progress…

One interesting statistic from the report – 64% of the voting irregularities were associated with registered Democrats.

House Republicans will continue to find common-sense measures to ensure that every vote counts and is protected with integrity.

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