Posted by on April 11, 2017

Today the North Carolina House of Representatives approved Senate changes to House Bill 239, a measure that streamlines state appellate courts and expands opportunities for certain cases to reach the state Supreme Court. Having passed the General Assembly, the bill now goes to the governor.

Rep. Justin Burr issued a statement on House Bill 239 Reduce Court of Appeals to 12 Judges:

“Judicial branch statistics indicate that over the last decade, the caseload before the North Carolina Court of Appeals has decreased. The number of filings, trials, and dispositions they consider have reached levels similar to those prior to the court being packed for political purposes in 2000.”

“House Bill 239 also allows the Court of Appeals to share its caseload with the state Supreme Court. As the same judicial branch reports and statistics indicate, the Supreme Court does not have a significant workload and this reform seeks to equalize the burden on both.”

“This is good policy and an efficient use of taxpayer money based on the historical ability of the court to handle its current caseload.”

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